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my counselor said I was refusing to open up today. damn straight.

now I’m getting all fucking paranoid, cuz I’m wondering how many people are in on the whole Violet/Goldbug thing? I don’t know anything about my counselor, not even his name. we use code names for security reasons cuz he’s just some volunteer without federal clearance.

but if I’m gonna start suspecting people just cuz I haven’t met them in person, I’d have to suspect M & Gavotte. ain't never seen them, I'm on the roof all the time. & they’re ok.

aren’t they?

P.S. my code name is Maverick.


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Jan. 7th, 2013 04:25 am (UTC)
Sarah Palin fan?
Hey, Maverick, what part of "code name" don't you get? Oh, and you must have missed the memo: stop wangsting over that Violet-Bee-is-a-machine thing. It's so not a secret now.
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