Nick Zerhakker (zerhakker) wrote,
Nick Zerhakker

finally got Maintenance up here to fit me out with a fuckin mezuzah. i only told Moustachio about 100 times but honestly i dont think he ever understood what i was talkin about. dude has a hard time stenciling new concepts into his brain & he was built back when people thought Jews were mystical creatures that lived in hollow trees & caused warts. M’s cool & all but it can take forever to get him to do shit that dont have a match in his database.

anyway the other reason it took so long was theres a fuckin long wait for the rabbi. Rabbi Krupnik, only Black Ops rabbi in the DC area. i was afraid it was gonna be weird gettin my door done but he was super fuckin chill. after the blessing we talked for awhile about how to work with some of the laws that are hard to keep if your not human. like i cant totally shut off my power on Shabbas yknow? he says my case aint too bad, he knows this oyster kibbutz up the coast and them bastards got problems.

ETA: ok ok im sorry i dissed on M and his wax drum memory. he says back in his palmy days there was like a jewish president of england so there. that dont sound right to me but ok, M, whatevs. yeah he said palmy days & i dunno what that means neither.
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